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The Founder, Jarod Dean Winchester, was born and raised in India since childhood, and moved to New Zealand in the later half of his teenage years, where he realised for the first time in his life, his strong interest in the Film and Television Industry. It wasn’t until he decided to pursue his degree in Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, he realised his true passion within the Television and Film Industry..

Our Services

This will be a list of services that we offer to clients and customers of the public and the professional industries to subscribe to:


Video editing of simple and straight forward short film projects with none to minimal effects is offered for any filmmaker or content creator, big or small. Contact ..


Bespoke film making and on location shooting. We find out exactly what you want to achieve and bring it to life with beautifully crafted storytelling videos..


The owner of the business, Jarod Dean Winchester has gained sufficient experience in the industry to be able to offer a short screenwriting course that doesn’t..

Featured Project

This Project was a Thesis Project completed by Jarod Dean Winchester back in Early 2016. Titled: May I have this kiss forever, it is about Shane Austin Green, who has to get closure from his ex before moving forward with his current relationship of four years.


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